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Your new AT&T phone.
Brought to you by an Enjoy Expert

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iPhone 7 Image Apple

iPhone 7

See details From $21.67/month
Bring this one
Reqs 30 mo installment agmt, qual. credit & svc plan. Other price options avail. See details.
iPhone 7 Plus Image Apple

iPhone 7 Plus

See details From $25.67/month
Bring this one
Reqs 30 mo installment agmt, qual. credit & svc plan. Other price options avail. See details.

All prices based on AT&T Next plan pricing.


Do I have to buy the phone that my Expert brings me?

Definitely not. If you decide not to buy a device during your visit, the Expert will take that device back when leaving, but it won’t cost you anything.

What do I need to have available at my visit?

Be prepared to show a government-issued photo ID because we will only deliver the device and provide services to the account holder or an authorized user on the account. If you plan to have your Enjoy Expert help you set up your existing accounts, be sure you know your account information and passwords. It also helps if you already have your device backed up, but your Expert can help with that if you’d prefer.

What can my Expert show me about my phone?

Your Enjoy Expert will give you a guided tour of your device, including things like power, volume and silencing, the camera, or any other physical feature. They’ll help you power on the device, activate your new phone, transfer content from your old device, and connect it to your Wi-Fi. They’ll walk you through software features and show you things like optimizing your battery life and opening, closing, and deleting apps. If you're interested, the Expert can suggest apps that match your interests or help make sure your smartphone is connected to other devices you own.

What can my Expert show me about my AT&T account?

Enjoy wants to make sure you are as happy with your AT&T service as possible. If you are interested, Enjoy can assist you in downloading the myAT&T app, show you all of your AT&T bill basics, and help you manage your account. They can also point you to support resources and tutorials.

How long does a visit last?

We can be flexible, but we usually find that an hour is about the right amount of time to help you decide on a plan, complete your purchase, and get you up and running on your new device.

What if I am not an AT&T customer?

That’s perfectly fine. We can help you understand what it means to join the AT&T family. If you have questions about how to keep your current phone number or what kind of fees you might have to pay to leave your current provider, we can help. Just give us a call at 1-888-GO-ENJOY or Chat with an Expert.

When do I pay for my phone?

It depends if you want to buy the phone outright or if you want to pay monthly with an AT&T Next Installment Plan. Either way, you won’t pay anything online right now. Your Enjoy Expert will help you understand your options so that you know exactly what and when you pay before you commit to anything. If you choose to go with an AT&T Next Installment Plan, you’ll only have to pay the sales tax for the device at the time of purchase.

What if I already know the device and plan I want to purchase?

Just select the device above & schedule your visit. You can select that plan and complete your purchase in person with your Enjoy Expert, the same way you would in an AT&T store.

Where does AT&T provide wireless network coverage?

Use the AT&T Coverage Viewer to find wireless network coverage for voice, data, LTE, 4G and 3G coverage, call phone coverage, Wifi Hotspots, and more.

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