Kindness begins with justice.

Since our founding in 2015, we have committed to creating great jobs for the digital world. We are proud to have over 1,000 full time employees in the US, UK and Canada, half of whom are people of color.

As a team, we share core values that unite us, with kindness being above all the most cherished. Kindness is how we treat our customers, our communities and one another. At its core, it begins with the belief that everyone deserves justice.

Over the past week, we have been harshly reminded that justice does not exist for Black Americans. George Floyd had his life taken at the hand and knee of someone hired to protect him. It is wrong and the time for change is now.

We believe in the power of every employee to bring about change within our company and within the communities we serve to combat racism and to promote justice. Each of us can and needs to do more.

Internally, we will elevate the Black voices of Enjoy by increasing dialogues. We will learn more, listen more and take action to improve the experience of working at Enjoy.

Externally, we will continue to fulfill our purpose: To deliver joy through as many life-improving mobile retail experiences each and every day. It’s how we contribute to making love visible in our world.

But we’re learning that we have a higher purpose: To make love visible in the communities we serve. We’re starting now as we honor George Floyd and we are committed to doing more.