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Bring a tech expert to your next get-together.

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What is an Enjoy Party?

Think of it as the modern day book club. Our Experts guide you and your friends through a tech topic of your choosing. The best part - they're free.

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Social Media 101:
Out-Instagram Your Kids

Don’t be afraid of social media... you know you’re curious ;) We can help you get setup, show you the etiquette, set privacy controls, and you’ll be posting in no time.

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iPhone Tips
and Tricks

Why is iCloud always full? Are my photos backing up? Can I print photos from my phone? How can I do what they show in the commercials? We’ll share all the secrets of the iPhone!

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All things music:
Music at your fingertips

Spotify, Pandora, iTunes, Apple Music – you name it and our Experts will get you jamming. And if you’ve always been curious about the wireless Sonos Speaker system, we’ll bring some to demo.

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Picture Perfect:
Snap, Store, and Share

Did you know you can shoot photos using the volume button? Wondering why your photo storage is always full? Our Experts are armed with all the tricks to get you shooting like a pro.

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Take to the Skies:
Fly a Drone!

Experience the possibilities of aerial photography and video. Have you ever wondered what it’s like to fly above your home or the local park. Book a drone party and we’ll have you flying in no time.

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Personalize Your Party

We’d love to help you customize a topic for you and your guests. Just fill out the form below!

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When are the best times to host an Enjoy Party?

Our Experts are happy to work around your schedule, but please let us know if you would like us to suggest some times. Usually weeknights work best for us!

How many people should I invite?

The ideal party size is between 8-12 guests, but we’re happy to accommodate more or fewer guests.

How should I invite them?

Once you decide who to invite, please send us their names and emails, as well as the time and address of the party--we will generate an online invitation for your party!

How many Experts will attend?

Enjoy will send one Expert for every 3-4 guests.

What does the timing of the party look like?

Usually, the party starts with a brief introduction (10 mins) of Enjoy as a company and of the Experts. Then, the Experts will take 15-20 mins to present on a host-chosen topic. The party will end with around 45 mins of Q&A and individual help!

What do I need to do to prepare for the party?

We will work with you to make the actual party run effortlessly; our goal is for you to enjoy the event as much as the guests! We ask that you provide a space and light refreshments if you’d like, and we will supply the rest.

What services and supplies will Enjoy provide?

Before the event, Enjoy will provide the host with invitations (either virtual or paper). Experts will bring wine or coffee (decided upon with the host) and any demo products needed to show Social Media tips & tricks. Afterward, Experts will be available to schedule Enjoy Visits and answer follow up questions!